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Kung Fu Show Feedback

We would love to hear what you though of the show! Please contact us and leave a comment about your experience and with your permission we will publish it on this page.

The show has been seen by many people around the world. Here is some feedback the show has received from famous people.

"This is a very inspiring show, even beyond The Riverdance in Ireland"

----The Irish Deputy Ambassador

"Chun Yi:the Legend of Kung Fu is the perfect combination of athletics and martial art. You can not only enjoy the exquisite Kung Fu, but also can feel the broadness and profoundness of the Chinese culture."

----Jiang Xiao Yu, Vice president of the 29th organizing committee for the Olympic Games.

"I work on show biz in England, but the Legend of Kung Fu is one of the best show i have ever seen so far, including West London and Broadway. Beautiful stage design, creative idea, thrilling aerial acrobatics, dazzling light effects! Congratulations! The Legend of Kung Fu left me a memory that will never fade away!"

----Ian Trafford, London Performing Arts Co.

"The end of the Legend of Kungfu is beautiful, when the cast came out to take their bows, the atmosphere on the stage is really hard to describe with any words......all the martial art performers are very infectious! Nothing could have been more meteorological and grandiose!"

----Deborah Miles, The Vancouver Sun

"The show will change your understanding about chinese martial art and you will start to love it, it makes people around know what is the real Kung Fu"

----Curt Lee, Canada JUBILEE Prize Winner