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We are the leading booking service for The Legend of Kungfu Show discount tickets at the Red Theatre in Beijing. As well as the top information and news source in the English language. We take great pride in our ambitious efforts to constantly improve our high quality service. is colaborating with IT company ToriTori and tour company May Tours. Working together our service brings you a highly competitive discount ticket service to the Red Theatre in Beijing, China. Not only is our prices on the top of competition but so is our high quality service and efficient, easy to use booking system. We provide convenience in every step of the way of our transparent business model.

With vast experience within the constant change of information exchange throughout the world. ToriTori is a business developer with it's feet on the web and wings on the go. The company excels on the global market with it's knowledge of modern web development trends. Making it the perfect partner in web service projects serving the wider audience such as overseas visitors.

A company that's truly able to understand the needs of visitors from anywhere in the vast global sphere has taken root in Beijing. May Tours is a tour company with years of experience with it's unique customer based business approach. They believe that the secret to the quality of service lies in the combination of understanding responsibility as a team and that the enjoyment of overseas customers is dependent on the enjoyment of their staff.

We are proud to team up with such great companies because together we have all the essential resources for success in business. Most importantly we share a mutual understanding of customer service on a global level.

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